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Site Planning – Mission Statement Developing with @CambrianGroup

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This week my school just completed two long days of strategic planning. Our district uses the method created by the Cambrian Group (@CambrianGroup) formerly called the Cambridge Group.  They used research-based information to determine how site planning should be done every three to four years.  They use the SWO idea of Strength, Weakness, and Opportunity.

We started with our district’s mission and belief statement. The mission and objective of a school should be the “WHY”.  Why do we exist?  Why are we a school? The tactics are the “WHAT” and “HOW” and the Action Plans are the “HOW”.  The mission statement consists of the purpose (why we exist?), function (how we get there?), client (who we serve?), and market niche (who we are? what makes us special?). The objectives should reflect the organizations desired results stated in measurable (time, money, quality, quantity), demonstrable (cause and effect), and observable (sufficient indications). It answers the questions “what is it?”  The objectives should be our greatest aspirations and have no time limitations. The tactics should be broad statements that describe how the organizations resources will be deployed to achieve the mission and objective, provide effort and resources, and starts with “we will” then uses an action word.   Do I need “ACTION PLAN”

The strategic side are long term, discusses growth and change, about the whole system, shows values and mission-driven. It answers Who?, Why?, and What?  It includes the mission and objectives.  The operational side is short-term, deals with maintenance, programs and projects, and is budget driven. It answers How?  and When? It includes tactics and action plan. The absolutes in an organizations are the non-negotiable and artifacts with ways to get there.  Organizations who never identify the absolutes will elevate artifacts to the status of absolute.  We identified our strengths and weaknesses.

After the  Site Planning Process, the organization has the mission, objective and tactics. Then the committee has the following tasks: communicate the draft plan, develop action plans, conduct 2nd planning session, approve site plan, organize for implementation, review process and update annually.

Our school came up with the following mission statement:

The mission of Woodmen-Roberts Elementary School, an International Baccalaureate community, is to provide challenging individualized academic opportunities to meet the unique needs of the whole child through a safe environment, nurturing relationships, and innovative action that develop all students to be productive members of a global society.

If you ever have the opportunity to be included in site planning, give it a chance. The process of inspiring and energizing. I was very excited that we used this method from Cambrian Group.

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