Society-Centered Learning

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I do like all three types of learning described in the “Exemplars of Curriculum Theory”, but I believe I participate in many society-centered learning experiences.  Professionally, I participate in Twitter Chats, Google + and Edmodo Educator Groups to keep abreast of what is going on in education. In the classroom, I provide my students with many global projects that bridge the gap to the outside world. These projects also teach our students tolerance, open-mindedness and risk-taking. The students 2nd – 5th grade at my school at the beginning of the year join the website Edmodo. Edmodo is a classroom management educational site that takes the strengths of social media and allows students to use those tools in a safe environment. The students first join a Woodmen-Roberts group for their grade level. In this group, they learn to use safe and appropriate digital citizenship and how to use the Edmodo website, including subgroups. I then try to find global projects throughout the year that our students can participate. In September/October there is Global Read Aloud run by a teacher out of Wisconsin who chooses books every year for different age groups.  This is a K-12 project.  4th Graders also join the Flat Connections project where we collaborate on topics that are of interest to the group of students participating.  Many of my classes participate in Mystery Skype – which is where two classrooms don’t know where each other are and they try to guess where they are only using Yes/No questions.  Great 21st century lesson!  I also continually look for connections with schools around the world to broaden our students perspective. 2nd graders this year have ebuddies in Singapore. 4th graders communicate with a California class to compare and contrast the Gold Rush experience in both states. There are so many activities out there, we must take advantage of them.

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