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Inductive Reasoning with Categorization #plearnchat #edchat #pypchat

February 28, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

I started reading Chapter 5 from Models of Teaching and I feel like I have already read it.

On February 13th, the IB Coordinators from my school district organized a PYP Share day.  This is the second year in the row that we organized this. Last year, it was “bring a best practice” to share.  This year, we wanted teachers to bring a lesson or activity that they used around “Inquiry”. This really intrigued me, since I am one of the coordinators, I also am the teacher librarian and inquiry is one of the reasons I love the IB/PYP programme.  As I walked in our meeting, Irene McLean, the  teacher librarian from Discovery Canon Elementary School,  handed me a laminated card of what looked like an app icon. Others walked in and received cards.  Irene then asked us to work as group to categorize the cards. She stated there was no right or wrong answer, but we would have to justify why we grouped the cards together. We then discussed and Irene asked us to categorize in only two groupings.  She explained, it should just be a new number, higher or lower.  Or sometimes she would add more cards into the mix.  Again the students would need to justify their groupings.  This shows the students using their inductive reasoning.

Since then, I have seen this in the book “Transforming Brockton High School.” I have also talked to others who have used this method.  I have read about this in “Making Learning Personal“. Now I am reading about this in my “Models of Teaching” text book. Could it be that I have never heard this before and now within two weeks, I have heard this five times.  I feel like I need to try this. I am reminded of the discussion that a great idea takes 10 years to form. Maybe I have been hearing about this, but not listening.  If you haven’t used the strategy of categorizing words, you should try it.

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