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Levels of (Teacher) Activity #edchat

In Models of Teaching by Joyce, Weil, Calhoun, there was an interesting discussion about the levels of activity of teachers in a school. Which one are you?

  1. Gourmet Omnivore
    1. High activity people who initiate ideas for programs
    2. find kindred souls with whom to interact professional
    3. aware of the possibilities of growth
    4. exploiting and enriching whatever environment they find themselves in
    5. strive to learn all they can and find opportunities for development
    6. persistent
    7. 10 percent of the teacher profiles
  2. Active Consumers
    1. Engaged in activities also
    2. 10 percent of the teacher profiles
  3. Passive Consumer
    1. 70 percent of the teachers profiles
    2. amiable conformity to the environment
    3. high degree of dependence on social surroundings
    4. if they are with gourmet omnivores or active consumers, they too are very active
    5. if they are with other passive consumers, they are inactive.
  4. Reticent consumer
    1. very reluctant to interactive positively
    2. attends only staff development that is required
    3. often angry about having to be there
    4. deprecates the content
    5. tries to avoid follow-up activities.
    6. sometimes rejects opportunities for involvement in decision making
    7. emphasize defects around them.
    8. in the company of omnivores the can be carried along

I know that I am a gourmet omnivore, but this helped me think about where other people are in their educational journeys. The book talks about these levels so that good professional development can be planned for all types of faculties.

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