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Wow! Teachers and Learners Roles are Changing – Chapter 3 #plearnchat

This chapter of “Making Learning Personal” starts with the great Benjamin Franklin quote: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  The book explains that it is hard to leap directly into personalized learning so there is a process. The way education currently works in most schools supports teacher-centered environments. The tradition schooling includes teacher-centered learning with explicit or direct instruction. Stage one is still teacher-centered with learner voice and choice. Teachers in this stage use the Personal Learner Profile to determine how each learner learns best. Teachers then use that information to create a Class Learning Snapshot which is based on four diverse learners. Learning strategies are then based on that Class Snapshot with the idea that if you can reach the four diverse learners, you will be able to reach them all. Stage two is learner centered with teacher and learner as co-designers. Stage Three is learner-driven with teacher as facilitator and partner in learning.  Personalized learning looks different for every student, classroom and school who is trying to personalize the learning for their learners.

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