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Applied Attention with @ApplyAttention

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Amazing staff development day on Monday, November 30th run by David Mochel of Applied Attention (https://www.appliedattention.com/).  Many of the information that David covered were things that we all know and we all should remember, but we don’t.  This was not a sit down type of day. We did many get up and move activities.  Here is my synopsis of the day – this will not even tip on how much I learned from David, but it will help me remember it all.

David Mochel named his presentation “Building a Practice and Culture of Well-Being”.  Much of the day was about refocussing our attention to what is important. David gave us the notion that we are enough – who we are is enough.  We are all conditioned by wandering being stuck, being discomfort, and resistance.  The condition or as Don Miquel Ruiz writes in “The Four Agreements” we are domesticated by our families, cultures and experiences.  Resistance is a big one because we all have our egos.  David’s example is when it is a family day and the wife wants to go to the zoo, but the husband wants to go to the beach, the husband might get upset, but the point of the day is to have a family day – not to always be right.  Let go of the resistance.  David discusses that courage takes vulnerability as discussed in detailed by Brène Brown in The Gifts of Imperfection (already have a blog post on it).

David continues by explaining how “refocusing” works. We need to be aware, have compassion and have a purpose.  Our awareness starts with our attention –  being open, noticing and accepting.  Awareness is “what is happening?” Compassion has to do with our emotion – having empathy, showing kindness and gratitude. Compassion is “what is important?” Purpose is where you put your energy – how do you connect, create and commit. We usually ask “what next?”

Tip: Just two minutes of concentrating on your breath will help calm your emotions.

David then discusses how opinions are internally created.  He uses the example of the baby crying on the airplane. Depending on who you are and what you have experienced, your opinion of the baby can be very different.  If you are a person missing a child, it might be jealousy. If you are a person getting away from children, it might be anger.  Any opportunity is a problem and any problem is an opportunity.

The power of practice is almost unbelievable what this YouTube video of Ben Underwood as the boy who sees without eyes. You get better at what you practice. Everything you do is what you practice. Practice only takes place in the present.  Life is really about two things: what shows up and what you practice.  What shows up can be divided into “events” and “stories”.  Events are what happened and can be internal or external. Stories are how we interpret the events through survival or growth.  As humans, we want to be the right one, but we are not always right.  Check out Robert Burton’s book “On Being Certain“.  I am looking to pick it up, but I have read “Being Wrong” which was an amazing read.

Practice by default or by design?  Practice by training or response?  Famous quote by Bruce Lee: “Under duress, we do not rise to our expectations – we fall to the level or our training.”  And from David: There will always be time to freak out later. When we come across a choice, we have three reactions: spin (which accomplishes nothing and sucks the life out of you), let it drop, or take action.  There is no research stating that procrastination works.  Ask yourself what is most important!  Because having a mission and not living by it is like not having a mission.  If you want to learn more about David’s awesome training, please visit his website at https://www.appliedattention.com/.

Activities we did: Circle game with pen, hula hoop game, and the beep game. (go to his seminar to understand more)

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