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More with Dave Mochel with @applyattention

Last week Dave Mochel (@applyattention) joined us at Fountain Valley School for the second time.  Dave had started working with us in November during a staff meeting (read my notes  from that training).  Here are my rambling notes from the March inservice.

As a society, we have gone from being worried about “character” to worrying about our “personality”.  This shift points more to the individual and less to what we do for others.  We need to have a personal practice to cultivate mindfulness.  Cultivation has to do with our attention, emotion and energy.  We need to respond with being present, important, and effective.  With every choice we have in life we can SPIN (complain, go in circles), LET IT DROP (forget about it) or TAKE ACTION.  Deliberate practice is not the 10,000 hours like Malcolm Gladwell discusses in Outliers, but it is defined as practice  that is consistent, with feedback, and on the edge of your ability.

Feedback should be frequent (at least every 10 days), authentic and supportive. Try to connect with people by asking “What’s going on?”, “Where is your focus?” and “How can I help?”  When there is resistance, is it resistance from conditioning or resistance from evidence?   It is important to have the uncomfortable conversations where you think about “What’s present?”, “What’s important?”, and Question, Concern and Requests.  When discussing, clarify what the discussion is about by asking “Do you want my opinion or do you just need me to hear you?”

When you are planning for meetings, make sure you assume you can only get one thing done.  Normally we fill meetings with things that are just announcements.  With any meeting, have a transparent outcome, be solution focused and let exploration take place.  Use meetings to move forward.  High function groups ask more questions about the Why? and How? and don’t get stuck on the What.  IDEO has the motto “Fail Fast in order to succeed sooner.  Effort is the energy needed for the task.  Struggle is the resistance.

10-10-10.  Take 10 deep breathes in the morning.  Take 10 deep breathes throughout the day individually.  Take 10 deep breaths in the evening.

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