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@Outreach360 Trip for @FVSofColorado

On March 5th, I traveled to Montecristo, Dominican Republic with a co-worker and 13 high school students.  Some of our students have never been out of the country. Other students are seasoned travelers.  We were to spend 7 days with the organization Outreach 360. The first day was orientation and lesson planning.  This was a service learning trip where our students taught an English Immersion class to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders.  They taught for about 4 hours for four days.  They also amused many of the children during their recess.  As a former teacher librarian in an elementary school, I was a little nervous that Outreach 360 did not prepare them enough.  The students were given objectives for each day and each grade level.  There were some sample ideas or workbooks that could be used. There was also plenty of supplies from Play-Do to construction paper to large flash cards.  The students completely stepped up their game. They had energy and fun during their lessons.

When not planning lessons or teaching, Outreach 360 showed us around the town to local museums, the beach and the salt flats.  We did a sunrise hike to the beach cliffs and spent another afternoon relaxing at the beach. We met to discuss our reflections during the week of what we were experiencing at the school.  We took a day trip to the Haitan boarder and watched a movie on the relationship between the two countries.  We also watched the movie “In the Time of the Butterflies”.  When there was free time, many of our students used the time to go to the park and play with the local students.

After our our week with Outreach 360, we relaxed for two days at Cabarete, a tourist beach town.  There we went on a ecological jungle tour to learn about the local area.  We practiced our Spanish the whole time and reflect again on the differences between Cabarete and Montecristo.  If you have time to go by yourself or with a school group, Outreach 360 is an amazing organization.

Here is a video of our time in the Dominican.

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