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#ISTE2016 flew by #isteglobalpln #istelib #canthushthis

I can’t believe how much I learned or tried to take in at ISTE this year.  I will try to capture the awesome-ness that is ISTE but this is just one Library Technology Educators view.  Please find others incredible experience through other websites.

I arrived a little late for ISTE Unplugged but the afternoon sessions were great. All resources are linked on the Wiki page. The smackdown session was quick paced and many ideas.  Find all resources Here.  Then I went to “Making Change when Not in Charge” which was attended by many great educators including Barbara Bray, Lisette Casey and Lisa Parisi.  After the session Barbara, Lisette and I continued the discussion over coffee, including personalized learning which Barbara has written two books about. The sessions I missed that I have already reviewed are Proficiency Based Learning, STEM and Makerspace, and BreakoutEDU (education game based on “escape the room”)

On Monday, my favorite session was “Creating a TedTalk Culture in your Classroom”  They talked about all the levels of getting involved with Ted. By using Ted EDU, to creating Ted Talks, to creating a TedClub and hosting a Tedx.

At the poster sessions:

  1. Student Blogging Challenge run by Tracy Watanabe and Sue Wyatt
  2. Julie Carey is working on Write Our World – which is preserving language and culture by asking students to write in native languages about their culture.
  3. Kiva Micro-lending site to teach students about social issues and finance
  4. Commit2Act through Taking it Global to motivate students to Act
  5. Personalized Learning – Inquiry Hub for Secondary Schools

At the playgrounds, cafe and lounges:

  1. Librarians’ Playground
  2. Future Ready Librarians – http://futureready.org/about-the-effort/librarians/
  3. Copyright Basics – Website and video
  4. Google Quizzes through Forms – https://webofnotes.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/self-marking-google-form/
  5. Meeting Angela Maiers and discussing YouMatter reminded me of her amazing Tedx speech from two years ago
  6. Learning in 4D by Matt McGuire

In the expo center, I learned about the following things:

  1. Modern Teacher –
  2. Mackin Transform Your School Library
  3. If you didn’t receive an invitation to Amazon Inspire Beta, here is the link:http://go.tenmarks.com/Mm0J1s0EKJ72L000T0xU043.

Since I presented many times, here are some resources:

  1. ISTE Global PLN Playground created a quick Resource Document
  2. How to use Twitter Tools for Global Collaboration
  3.  Mystery Skype In the Library

Just by looking around online I found these gems:

  1. Consuming, Curating and Creating in YouTube – presentation
  2. Genius Hour in the library – presentation
  3. How to Amplify Student Voice in PBL – website
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