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“Switch” by the Heath brothers

I have already read their book “Made to Stick”  (see blog posts about the chapters) over three years ago, I thought I should read Dan and Chip Heath’s book about change.

The authors use the analogy of the rider, the elephant and the path. The rider is our rational people or sides to people and the elephant is the emotional people or sides to people.  You need both of these people and sides on board before change can happen.  The path is the situation and we can shape the path so that it is easier for the rider and the elephant.  “The people who change have clear direction, ample motivation, and a supportive environment.” (p.225)

You can direct the rider by finding the bright spots, scripting the critical moves and point to the destination.  You can motivate the elephant by finding the feeling, shrinking the change and growing your people. You can shape the path by tweaking the environment, building habits and rallying the heard. There is a chapter on how to overcome common obstacles.

Great book for anyone working in groups of people.

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