Technology in the Classroom

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On January 3, 2017, faculty gathered to learn about technology. The group of Toni Olivieri-Barton, Library and Technology Educator, Stéphanie Kimlicko, Department Head/French teacher, Nathan Eberhart, French/Spanish teacher, Dorothy Strehl, Learning Services, Rafael Muciňo, assistant head of school, Dr. Susan Carrese, Global Education Director, and Zoe Schmidt, Spanish teacher, presented on innovative ideas that they learned from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference that was held in Denver during the summer of 2016. There were inspiring ideas around project-based learning, video producing, and using Twitter to name just a few.
Olivieri-Barton facilitated an activity where all teachers decided themselves where they are in the Technology Integration Matrix which was created by University of South Florida.  Afterwards, teachers attended or led sessions demonstrating innovative ideas from our own classrooms.  Kimlicko and Xiaohong Teng demonstrated how they use the website Seesaw to have students “turn in” assignments.  Kimlicko mentioned how she has cut down on paper use in the classroom and Seesaw allows students to record themselves so she can hear pronunciation of French.  Dave Brudzinski, Math teacher, demonstrated how to do a QR code scavenger hunt as a review in class. Kat Baker, Science Teacher, reviewed how to design an object for the 3d printer in the library. Eberhart present on Kahoot, Quizizz, and Quizlet. Olivieri-Barton discussed global projects and demonstrated the use of BreakoutEDU a gamification idea big in education right now. Bryan Bolding, Director of Technology taught a session on Google Drive and another on iMovie and our Green Screen. Muciňo taught about Augmented Reality and Google Voice and Google Forms. Lauren Kelly, English teacher, showed how she uses Google Classroom for turning in assignments. Deb Prantl, Dean of Programming/Department Head/Math teacher demonstrated how she uses Interactive Whiteboards in her classroom.  Jed Haupt and Penny Steele, both history teachers, reviewed some global Primary Source websites and how to incorporate Google Maps into history.


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