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Mystery Skype as part of Student Life @FVSofColorado

Technology is part of our daily lives, but the use of technology also means learning to use the tools responsibly. That’s why Fountain Valley School takes the time to discuss digital citizenship with all students.
Responsible use conversations start as soon as students enter FVS, and these discussions are spearheaded by Director of Digital Communications Laura Fawcett, Director of Technology Bryan Bolding, and Library and Technology Educator Toni Olivieri-Barton. Freshmen tackle technology questions during the Chapter One program, while sophomores discuss netiquette in student life meetings.
Juniors work with the Hawley Library staff, including Olivieri-Barton, to explore technology issues further. They discuss plagiarism and copyright issues that they will face in high school, college and life. This semester, the staff wanted students to focus on another aspect of digital citizenship—actually practicing these skills.
That’s where the popular Mystery Skype game comes in … a game introduced to FVS by Olivieri-Barton. It’s a video-conferencing game where a mystery guest connects online, but the students do not know where he/she lives. The students develop yes/no questions to determine the guest’s location. As with researching, students start with a large idea and ask questions to make the idea smaller.
During the call, students can use Google Map and Wikipedia to search out answers. They use their communication and problem-solving skills to find the correct location.
“Mystery Skype is a great way for our students to practice their 21st-century skills of communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration,” Olivieri-Barton said.
It’s also great fun to solve the mystery.
“The Skype call was a fun experience,” said Hannah Mancuso-Buxton ’18. “Using investigative skills and geography to have an activity was something quite new. It was an event that was out of the ordinary in a good way.”  mystery skype with Juniors.jpeg
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