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Risk Management with Student – Teacher Relationships

I wasn’t going to write a post on this professional development experience but then I thought, why not?  This is important too.  David Wolowitz is an attorney from McLane and he presented on the four guideposts on a healthy student-teacher relationship.  Those four guideposts to look for are our roles, boundaries, power, and accountability.  Roles can either be successful using professional roles and role models or unsuccessful by using personal, peer or parent roles.  Boundaries can be successful by using clear guidelines and informed crossings or unsuccessful by using blurred boundaries and boundary violations.  Power can be autonomy and student focused or dependent and self-centered.  Accountability can be developmental growth and transparent or regression, opacity and secrecy.

We are all on a developmental pathway and if we aren’t making good choices and working hard we might not get to mastery.  Then the developmental pathway defaults to the slippery slope towards disaster.  As teachers we are trying to help our students stay off the slippery slope.  The largest message was to ask co-workers for advice if you ever are wondering what to do and always say thank you to them even if you don’t agree with the advice.

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